About Us

Best Income Plan is an excellent platform for self-determined professionals who seek to discover new highs in entrepreneurial ventures for a more meaningful life. Our business plan not only transforms your life physically and financially, but also touches those around you.
In this fast-paced world, everyone is running to accumulate comforts and securing a luxurious future. But if present is so stressful, is there any guarantee that you have a future leave aside a comfortable future?
These thoughts triggered Mr Hemant Rai to do something that will give maximum health benefits and financial gain.
Best Income Plan was established with a mission to make every individual Fit and Financially Independent.
With a simple philosophy that if the bread earners of the family are earning well and providing a comfortable life to their family members, automatically society will be empowered.
Best Income Plan aims to provide people with an opportunity to start their own business and be their own Boss
To be the most respected “Indian” Direct Selling Company delivering top of the line products to the rest of the world.
1.To foster honest relationship between distributors, customers and Employees
2.To secure maximum earning possibilities for our business partners
3.To ensure complete transparency in business conducted
4.To reach our message, “health-wealth-happiness” to the maximum number of families all around the globe

Welcome to the Best Income Plan !! Walk with us and enjoy the wealth of being healthy.